How Did I Get Started in Golf?

One of the most common questions people ask me when I tell them that I play golf is “How did you get started in golf?”.  I really can’t blame them for asking this either since golf is most commonly seen as a sport aimed more towards older people.

My golf career started almost as a stroke of luck.

My Dad who was working in sales at the time was being encouraged to take up the sport of golf from some of the higher ups in the company that he was working for at the time.  He had played before as a teenager but hadn’t played in a long time.

So my Dad began playing it again and was really enjoying it.  So he decided to teach me how to golf as well.  However there was just one problem… I’m Left Handed.  My Dad and I had searched all over to find a left handed kids set with no success, and had all but given up.

But then that fall when my Dad went on his annual fishing trip with his friends one of his friends told him he had an old set of left handed kids clubs that he was giving away.  I was able to start golfing that spring at the age of 11 and the rest is history.

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