The Most Important Part of any Golf Game: The Mental Game

“Golf is 80% mental and only 20% talent.”

It’s a quote that’s almost as old as the game its self.  Yet some people still totally discard this advice.

Over my career of playing tournament golf I have seen a lot of won or lost based on a players mental game.  This was an area of my game that once I was able to harness it really helped me take my game to the next level competitively.

The importance of a strong mental game is especially obvious on the PGA Tour.  Greats like Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and Tiger Woods were able to dominate the PGA Tour for years because of one particular factor. Their Mental Game.

When you look back on Tiger Woods’ career and his most successful seasons on the PGA Tour you will notice that Tiger doesn’t lead the PGA in any statistical category.  While other golfers may have stronger skills than he does Tiger is willing to go the extra mile to prepare himself to the point where he can be confident hitting any shot in any situation.

So you’re probably asking what can you do to have a strong mental game, especially after you may have had a bad shot or encountered some other type of adversity.  Well in all honesty having a strong mental game is not something a player develops over night.  It comes with practice and having the wherewithal to slow yourself and your thinking down when you are in a tough situation.

One step that I use when I find myself in a tough situation is taking a step back by standing behind the ball and evaluating all my potential options as far as shot selection.  I usually lean towards the more conservative approach to the shot I select to take as a way of just getting out of the situation I’m in.

Most of all it is important to find your own method for approaching your mental game that best fits you.  I hope that the advice I have provided helps make you the best golfer that you can be.

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