5 Things to watch for in the 2019 PGA Tour Season

The 2018 season was definitely an exciting one.  We saw the first Italian to ever win a major Championship, we saw Brooks Koepka win two majors in one year, and we even got to see the return of Tiger.  2018 was certainly an exciting year and it will have many effects that will certainly carry over into 2019.  Here are 5 predictions for the 2019 season.

Koepka won’t win a major in 2019 year

After winning 3 majors in two years Brooks Koepka is one of the hottest players on tour.  However I do not see him keeping up this pace in 2019.  If your someone who believes in trends like I do you will likely agree with this statement.  In the past players who have won multiple majors in one year have often had down years in the next season.  Its nothing against those players, its just hard to keep up that pace for so long.

Spieth will have a strong comeback in 2019

Jordan Spieth’s 2018 season definitely will not be one that we talk about when we look back on his legacy.  For the first time since 2014 Spieth went an entire season without a single victory.  However he has shown in the past that he is more than capable of coming back after a rough season as he was able to do in 2017 after a rough 2016.

New PGA Scheduling Format

2019 will be the first year under the PGA’s new scheduling format.  The changes focus on the PGA Championship and the Players Championship.  The new format sees the Players being moved to mid March and the PGA Championship being moved to the third week of May.  What I predict will happen is this will cause the top players to take long periods of time off after the Open Championship and before the start of the FedEx cup playoffs.  Causing tournaments held between the Open Championship and the start of the FedEx cup playoffs to lose popularity.

While I do have my issues with the new format I will remain open minded and optimistic to see how it plays out.  Furthermore I do believe it will be helpful during Olympic years.

Rickie Fowler will no longer be considered an elite golfer

Yes I know all the Rickie fanboys out there are probably going to try and blast me for saying this but lets be real here.  By the start of 2019 Fowler will be 30.  He has just completed his 10th season as a professional and what does he have to show for it?  Only 8 professional wins and only 4 of which were on the PGA Tour.  While those 4 wins he had were in premier tournaments and were done in impressive fashion, Fowler still hasn’t been able to get the win in a major championship.  I know the argument can be made about how he’s been able to have so many top tens in majors but a top ten is not a win.

I’m not saying that Rickie Fowler is a bad golfer by any means.  I think hes a phenomenal golfer, and what hes done to grow golf especially among younger generations has been amazing.  But if he doesn’t want to be included in the conversation of the best golfers to never win a major he will have to make a move and finally win his long awaited major championship.

Tiger will be a top contender once again

I finally feel comfortable saying it now.  Tiger is Back!!  After a long and extremely difficult road back Woods is finally back in the conversation with the top golfers in the world.  While I’m not predicting any crazy good year for Tiger, I definitely can see him winning at least one tournament this year and being in contention during the majors.  Overall expect to see a good year from Tiger in 2019.


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