5 Annoying Questions Lefties Always Get

As some of you may already know I am left handed.  I have been for all my life and I do pretty much everything with my left hand (I kick with my right foot so I’m not sure if that counts against me).

I have always felt like lefties are especially rare in the golf world.  Over my three years of playing college golf I have only had one other lefty on my team.  Due to being in a group that only represents about 10% of the population I have had many weird and interesting questions that I’ve been asked about being left handed.

Here are 5 questions that I’ve been asked over the years about being left handed.

Why are you left handed?

This question always annoys me  because its just dumb.  It’s not like I was given the option to be either left or right handed, its just genetics.  That’s like asking someone why their eyes are blue.  It’s all based on genetics.

How Do you Swing like that?

Same as how you’re able to swing right handed.  It’s just what comes naturally to me and my left hand is my dominant hand.

Can I try hitting with your clubs?

No… No you cannot.  Best case you hit it like crap and we have a good laugh.  Worst case you will hit it like crap and damage my golf club and I am EXTREMELY protective of my clubs.

Are you a Big Phil Mickelson fan?

Honestly no.  Just because I’m left handed doesn’t mean I’m automatically a Phil Mickelson fan.  Its not that I don’t like him.  I’m just honestly indifferent towards him.  While I will say that I do enjoy seeing Lefties win and succeed in the PGA I would never cheer for someone based solely on the fact that their left handed.

Do you mind if I don’t watch you swing?  Watching a lefty swing just messes me up.

This is probably the most rude and annoying question of them all.  I’ve most often gotten it during tournaments usually from some stuck up rich country club kid.  If you think that watching a lefty swing will really mess you up then you honestly just suck at golf.


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