AT&T Pro Am Recap

The 2019 AT&T Pro Am was a rather exciting tournament, as the event normally turns out to be.  This years tournament saw multiple lead changes and even included a final round comeback by Phil Michelson.  However it will likely be debated weather it was a comeback win by Michelson or a Final round collapse by the leader going into the final round, Paul Casey.  Casey held a three stroke lead going into Sunday but ended up relinquishing that lead.

I feel that because of the way the final round played out it is likely going to be debated if it was a collapse by Casey or a comeback by Michelson that led to his final round victory.

In my opinion it was a combination of both.

On one hand you have a Phil Michelson who has looked pretty damn good over the past 6 months.  Ever since he was able to edge out Tiger in “The Match” Michelson has been playing with a new found confidence.  Pair that with the fact that he had already won multiple times at Pebble Beach and you have a recipe for success.

However on the other side of that argument  you have Paul Casey’s side of the story.  Now Casey is a great golfer don’t get me wrong.  He has won multiple times before.  However I feel as if Michelson’s strong performance on Sunday rattled him and he just wasn’t able to make the shots that he needed to in order to pull out the victory.  I hope that we can turn it around and be able to pull through when it matters next time though.

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