Why I Refuse to Gamble Money while Golfing

I know that this is a topic that will have a lot of differing opinions on it but I have always felt strongly about my personal opinion on  the topic.

While I know that betting is a big part of the game of golf and is the reason many golfers love the game so much, it has been an activity that I have tried to stay away from.  Not because of a lack of confidence in my game, because I am sure that if I did choose to bet on the course I could do fairly well, but more so out of respect for the game.

Now before I go any further this in no way a bash on any of you who do like to bet while playing.  I am perfectly fine with it if others do.  This is just my personal opinion and some insight into why I choose not to bet on the golf course.

Overall the reason that I refuse to bet on golf anymore is because I feel that it takes some of the enjoyment and sportsmanship out of the game.  Having played golf for ten years now I have seen gambling cause some very negative effects to those around me.

While I enjoy playing competitive golf a lot, once money is put on the line I have seen the game go from being competitive to being personal for many people.  This I can understand too because that’s your hard earned money that’s on the line and nobody wants to see something that they’ve had to work for taken away.

Unfortunately I have seen this negative competitiveness in people get to the point where they became verbally abusive over a round of golf with their friends that was supposed to be fun and unfortunately even costing some friendships.

Now I’m not opposed to betting small thing like a golf ball or who buys the other one a beer at the bar after the round is over.  Its just money that always seems to cause problems so I refuse to play for it on the golf course.

In conclusion golf is meant to be a beautiful and relaxing game.  That is why I try to avoid the negative competitiveness that I feel gambling money on the golf course brings with it.

I hope that you all enjoy this post and I would love to hear some of your opinions on the topic in the comments bellow.

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