What Advice would I give someone who is trying to play golf in College

As many of you know or have probably come to realize that I played college golf. Getting the chance to play golf in college was a great opportunity and one I will always be thankful for.

When looking back on my experience there is definitely some advice that I would give to those who are hoping to play golf in college someday.

The first bit of advice is to make sure you play plenty of summer tournaments. While playing for your high school is important summer tournaments are a great way to get tournament experience, along with being a great way to get your name out there.

To go along with that make sure you’re not just playing tournaments in your area. When I was playing summer tournaments I was able to play all over my home state of Wisconsin and was able to test myself on a variety of different courses.

My next piece of advice is make sure you show good golf etiquette. College coaches will not only be looking for good players they will also be looking at individuals who will be a good representation of their school.

Additionally if they feel like you could be bringing a negative attitude to their team their most likely not gonna want to make you apart of their team in the first place.

Next is to make a golf resume. This might seem like an odd one but it’s something that definitely helped me with my recruiting process. Trying to find a college is a lot like trying to find a job. So there for you should definitely have a resume of some kind.

Some things to include would be any awards or honors you’ve won along with information about your past tournament performances.

Lastly is to just have fun with it. This is a once in a lifetime experience that not many people get to have. If you’re able to put up good numbers the schools will find you if you put in the effort so don’t get too worried if you’re not getting looked at. I didn’t receive my first golf offer until October of my senior year. So just be patient and enjoy the experience.

I hope you all have enjoyed the content I’ve been putting out for you guys. I hope to keep posting at least once a week so make sure you’re checking in to keep up to date on all the latest post!

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